Makeup tricks for girls who want to look beautiful, but are a bit lazy

Women spend 335 hours a year getting by. That is to say that 2 whole weeks a year, women dedicate them only to makeup and personal grooming, but that time can be reduced easily if you know a couple of secrets.

Yes, the ubiquitous advertising and videos of beauty bloggers convince us that makeup should be taken with full responsibility. But who said that you can not be beautiful without dedicating to the subject every free minute?

The mascara every so often is printed even on the eyelid of the most careful women. To avoid this, try holding a piece of slightly folded cardboard or a card behind the lashes. If you have tried to apply false eyelashes at least once, you know that it is not easy. To prevent excess glue from staining the eyelashes or getting in the eye, apply it with an invisible buckle. Before using the shadows, instead of using primer, you can apply a little concealer on the eyelids (if the first finished, for example). In addition, that will help to make the makeup more resistant, and the color more saturated. If your weak point is makeup your eyes, try to use cream shadows instead of dry ones. For example, if you apply a cream shadow on the eyelid and under the lower lashes with your finger, you will have a quick smokey eye ready.