Makeup trends in different countries

Normally, women put on makeup in a way that corresponds to the current trends in their country of residence. In some countries they choose to wear a flashy and bright makeup, in others they give credit to the natural with a slight underlining in eyes and lips. The main thing is that any type of makeup can be the ideal according to customs and trends, and this can not be discussed.

The inhabitants of Japan are sure that it is not worth applying the blush to the cheeks, but to the area under the eyes. It is also fashionable to emphasize the eyes with shadow or a line that is barely noticeable and apply a little shine or lipstick, often pink. Americans formulate makeup trends for everyone and actively disseminate them through Instagram. Here, the perfect makeup is a rigid contour, eyebrows with an arched structure, false eyelashes and lips with an intense color. Difficult, slow and unnatural, but beautiful, do not you think?

Bright saturated colors are an integral part of India, which are reflected in the makeup of its inhabitants. The girls highlight their eyes with eyeliner without refusing the bright shadows and bravely paint their lips with a bright color.

And, as is inevitable, of course, they use accessories. We can say with certainty that Korean women are obsessed with their appearance and have a variant of natural makeup. Currently, Korean women prefer corrective creams with a wet finish, well-defined eyebrows, intense lip gloss or lip tint. You get a fresh and light look. Dense and completely pigmented eyebrows are somewhat unexpected, but it is an absolute trend in England. The girls perfectly combine this with a light makeup and nude tones or skin on the lips. A natural beauty as it is.

Swedish girls are known for their blonde hair, blue eyes and expressive cheekbones, and they perfectly know how to highlight the qualities of their appearance. They highlight their eyes with a very discreet smoky makeup and use lip tones very close to the natural color of their lips. Something simple, but, surprisingly, it is appropriate. The oriental girls possess a brilliant natural beauty and can afford a wide range of tonalities. They pay special attention to the make-up of the eyes, highlighting their shape with the help of an elegant line and false eyelashes, emphasizing their dense and curved eyebrows.